3-12×40 AO Air Rifle Scope


A scope for the air rifle target shooter. With enough magnification to pick up the smallest of targets out to the range of today’s powerful air rifles this variable also has the magnification range to be a useful hunting scope as well.

The heavier recoil in today’s more powerful air rifles requires a much different design for lens attachment than that used in standard rifle scopes. These air rifle scopes have been designed for the serious air rifle shooter with multi-coated lenses and adjustable objective for bright, sharp images.

These air rifle scopes are individually waterproofed, shock tested and filled with dry nitrogen before final water immersion testing. Full parallax adjustment from 10 metres to infinity by way of the adjustable objective. It’s also an ideal scope for rimfire rifles where the larger magnification can be used.

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Key Features:

  • 25mm black alloy tube
  • 1/4” MOA fingertip adjustments
  • Correctly mounted lenses required for air rifles
  • Waterproof, fog proof & shockproof
  • Dry nitrogen filled
  • 2 year warranty

Note: 1-3 different heights of air gun rings are available to suit adjustable objectives height
Note: 2 – A one piece 3/8” Dovetail rail mount is also available. All feature double screws


MAGNIFICATION OBJ.DIA (mm)    EXIT PUPIL (mm)    FIELD OF VIEW M@100m    EYE RELIEF(mm)    LENGTH(mm)   WEIGHT(Grams)    TUBE DIAMETER(mm)                                 3 – 12 x 40                               13.3 – 3.3                   13.10 – 3.27                           81 – 71                      326                      460                                25.4