HD103 Reflex Sight


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Due to popular demand the HD103 Reflex Sight is currently out of stock.  We’re expecting a delivery to arrive at the end of July 2020.  If you’d like to purchase this product please feel free to email us and we’ll contact you once they’re back in stock.

This electrodot is suited for hunters and competitors who require quick target acquisition.

The sight features 4 different illuminated reticle styles, which allow the shooter to choose the one best suited to the activity. The illumination is powered by a CR2032 3volt battery and brightness adjustment 1-5 in red or green is by a control on the side.

This sight now comes with a small red laser attached to the side and has an on/off  switch and a pressure pad switch. Both the Reflex Sight and the laser can be zeroed. These sights are now widely used on shot guns with great success.

Key Features:

1x magnification

Waterproof & shockproof

4 reticle styles in red or green

Integral weaver mount

2 year warranty