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Arctic Fox Optics in Australia offers a range of rifle scopes with 25mm, 30mm and 35mm tubes, illuminated and non-illuminated reticles, fixed and variable power, Rifle Scopes, Air Rifle Scopes, Pistol Scopes, Compact Scopes, Lasers, Laser and Torch Combos, Red Dot Scopes and much more.

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Arctic Fox Optics are available all over the world. Our valued distributors actively stock our products. If you are interested in joining our growing list distributors nationally or internationally, click below to find out more.

Arctic Fox Optics are your specialists in rifle scopes and hunting equipment

Arctic Fox Optics is a family owned and operated business based in Maryborough on the Fraser Coast in Queensland. We pride ourselves on the highest quality hunting equipment in the industry, teamed up with top shelf customer service.

All of our rifle scopes pass rigorous testing to meet our high level of standard. You will receive a product of the highest quality in the industry. Our rifle scopes offer high quality and performance whilst providing excellent clarity – perfect for the avid shooter.


 Which scope is right for me?

Arctic Fox Optics imports and distributes a wide range of hunting equipment available for sale both in Australia and internationally.  Our product range  includes but isn’t limited to rifles copes, red dot scopes, laser scopes, bipods, scope rings and mounting systems, trigger locks and more. We are the sole importers and supplier of the Arctic Fox Optics range of rifle scopes. Our scopes offer high quality and performance providing excellent clarity.

Introduction to rifle scopes

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High quality at great prices

Arctic Fox Optics aim to provide our customers with a quality product at the best prices. We aim to secure good deals from the manufacturers so we can pass these savings onto you. Being a local family owned and operated business, we can only continue to do this with your valued support.

A number of other brands in the market are made in the same factory as our range of products, to the same standard with the same warranty (we even exceed some). Do you feel that paying up to double the price for these products is a good deal? Does that make their products better? The answer is no. This is not a sales pitch, it is a fact.

Contact Arctic Fox Optics for more information or browse our product range online.

We ship Australia wide and Internationally.

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Customer Reviews

I had the pleasure of dealing with Karen about buying 2 compact scopes and a scope mount for a Lithgow SMLE, of which l purchased the mount and 2 scopes at Karen’s recommendation. The parcel arrived 2days after the purchase, with everything very well packaged, exceptional speed for Australia Post. The SMLE mount fitted with ease and the scopes are perfect for the job,
still grinning like a bloody big idiot.

Graham Dalby

I would like to recommend Arctic Fox to my fellow hunting and target brothers and sisters. I have a couple of Arctic Fox scopes currently. A 6-24 × 50 illuminated and a new style CP006 2.5 x 30 reflex scope.
Both are super clear in optic ability and function as they should. First time every time.


Chris Dowdle

I have a 4-16X56 from them on my .270, never fogs, holds zero like a champ, little blurry around the edge, but hey the target is in the middle so meh. cost less than 200 bucks and has illuminated mill dot reticle. came with a decent length glare/sun guard too as well as hinged caps and front parallax adjustment and rear focus…. cant fault it really, well not for those dollars.

Rikita Lance