Rifle Scopes

There are a number of optical sight options available for a wide variety of shooting scenarios. We have our fixed power scopes for the shooter who requires a no-nonsense, reliable scope as a general workhorse. We have our comprehensive range of variable scopes, with powers from 1-5, right up to the long range 6-24, suitable for all types of game, varmint, and target shooting.

Our compact line is suitable for carbines and compact rifles where the size and weight of the package is critical, as is reliability. Next, we have a range of scopes, both variable and fixed power, suitable for the most powerful air rifles on the market today.

We have a line of electro dots for fast, close in action, alongside our reflex sight range, for both hunting and competition work. All of our variable scopes have the reticle in the second focal plane. This means that the reticle does not magnify when the power ring is adjusted, unlike scopes with reticles in the first focal plane.

You will find an Arctic Fox scope or optical sight to suit just about any form of shooting.

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