Full Speed Ahead

Moving on, we are seeing some disturbing trends in the firearms industry. As we get closer to the end of the financial year, things have slowed, as is usual for the time of year, but the trade hasn’t really recovered as it should. Normally, a lull over the Christmas break which usually stays until the cooler weather comes, has seen the lack of activity remain through the early winter months. The lack of activity in retail sales seems to have impacted the shops and we are seeing the results in our trading figures. Orders from the retail shops have been sporadic to non-existent, accompanied by a slowing of the payment schedule, leaving us feeling as if we were a banking service for the trade. We can understand that it is a tough environment out there and it’s hard to put bread on the table when you’re struggling in a small, or even a not so small business. Consequently, we have decided to alter the focus of our business to the internet sales of our products. We shall be reducing prices on some of our products available through our website. Keep an eye on our new website, and, while the price reduction won’t be huge, it will be useful.

Something to Think About

When times are tough, and your wages and conditions, and even your job is on the line, the politicians and people dependent on the public purse don’t suffer the same losses as do people in private enterprise. Their pay and conditions remain the same. The old “tighten your belt” refers only to YOU! Politicians just received pay rises and tax cuts which more than compensate for any rising costs. With power and other utilities spiralling ever upward, we all suffer the consequences, but you don’t really need this when you have other worries. And then, politicians tell you that the Age Of Entitlement is over! Yeah right.