The Arctic Fox Scopes Viewpoint

As the economic situation continues to deteriorate, it’s getting harder to justify spending the big dollars on your hunting equipment. That, plus looming legislation, puts plenty of pressure on the wallet. In Tasmania, come December, we’re told that shooters who have ten guns or more will be required to have a monitored alarm system. This legislation asks a few questions of itself. What about if you live in rural areas where communication via mobile phone is weak or non existent? Are the alarms to be monitored by the police? Not likely. No, in fact, is the answer. What is the effect of this legislation likely to be? My immediate thoughts are that people will reduce their collections of firearms to save money rather than fork out the money to comply. How will this be policed? Will every household be physically inspected? the waste of manpower to achieve this will be immense. WA police have reduced physical inspections by requiring licence holders to photograph their security arrangements in a Statutory Declaration, meaning little work for them, more work for you, and if you are found to have made a false declaration, the penalties can be severe. Not a nice piece of the lawmakers art. If it spreads to the other states, well, stand by to empty your already empty pockets some more.

How Are Your Sporting Scopes?

Enough on that. As our spending money continues to disappear, shooters are finding that they don’t have the spare cash to spend on their rifle scopes. If you can afford to spend up on a top quality scope, then by all means do so! But, most of us will have to find alternatives. Many scopes are made in China these days but that can mean a number of things. The quality of the optics manufactured can vary greatly from poor to excellent value for money. Over the years, we have tried, as a business, to source decent scopes and sell them at reasonable prices. Optics from a single supplier in China, will be sourced from a number of factories with the quality varying some. We pick and choose the models we present to you for best value. But, just in case, we have a warranty system second to none. Anyway, next time you are in a gun shop that stocks our optics, have a look at our products. You may be surprised by the value for money!